Payment Infrastructure for Crypto-Stock markets

E-leven promotes a robust platform that allows users to complement the Crypto-financial development of the ecosystem, having significant advantages in favorable rates and conditions.
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Smart, accessible and safe way to enter the financial markets.

E-leven connects and partners with all solutions developed within the ecosystem to allow users to quickly access financial markets through liquidity providers under tailored solutions.

E-leven ELV is the utility currency that allows you to invest in all the cryptographic and financial assets under parameters of security, transparency and better conditions for traders and investors.

Name: E-leven Token

Symbol: ELV

Standar: BEP20
Platform: BSC
Total Supply: 11 Million
Circulating Supply: 500K


Where you can Exchange ELV

ELV on Marketplaces

Disruptive Ecosystem



Crypto-Stock Market Trading Solution​

The concept of utility in Financial trading for everyone


Staking involves holding funds in your cryptocurrency wallet to support the security and operations of the network, earning profits in return.



With the E-leven ELV margin, Users can create leveraged margin positions and earn best conditions in the moment of trading through the ecosystem.



Deposit ELV in your E-leven Wallet to store them safely or to move them to your Staking or trading account.


Social Trading

E-LEVEN offers you a unique concept of social-trading in cryptocurrencies in the world to operate in the financial markets, allowing you to copy operations in real time.


Exchange & Swap

E-LEVEN swap allows you to interchange your token with other tokens in the exchange platform.


Custom brokerage solutions

E-leven offers bespoke brokerage solutions technology that enables companies to develop their own customized and customized exchange platforms.



Comprehensive APIs for all your needs

Develop your user experience with our simple yet powerful APIs to create a custom product with scalability without months of customization.


Best Crypto-Stock Market services

Financial Trading

Trade short and long positions in buy or sell with best leverage on more than 800 financial assets such as Apple, EURUSD, Oil,Gold or Bitcoin-CFDs.

Crypto Exchange

Trade in real-time the orderbooks of the worlds most popular cryptocurrencies.

Super fast deposits, transfer funds and withdrawals.

Trade with ELV

Open a real-money trading account, get verified and manage your trading accounts for the best conditions in the market ussing your ELV tokens.

Where you can store ELV


Download E-leven Wallet

  • Securely store & manage your cryptocurrencies.
  • Buy & sell crypto instantly with the E-LEVEN integration.
  • Move funds from and to your E-LEVEN (ELV) Trading account and trade the financial markets.
Fast & Security
Custom solutions
Scalability over time
Cashback Program

Name: E-leven Token

Contract: 0x20a2ee8d26aa6a7ce4890c2a44b788c4283356eb

Our Team

Diego Lesmes FOUNDER E-leven Solutions
Gabriel Chávez Corporative & CEO E-leven Token
Ismael Salgado Corporative & CTO
Jorge Rodriguez Cofounder & COO

    Sales strategist team

    Jeisson Jimenez Master code
    Arturo Villalba Sales strategist team
    Fernando Sari Sales strategist team
    Oscar Jiménez Sales Strategist Team
    Valeria Ravelo Sales Strategist Team
    Luis Guarnizo Sales Strategist Team


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      We are listed on the top exchanges such as Vindax and Bankcex, provided you opportunities of Staking investment in ELV through our own exchange.

      Ico Date Finish: July 11, 2021

      Blockchain: BEP20

      Type: Utility Token

      Total Supply: 11.000.000 ELV

      Circulating Supply: 759.300 ELV

      Token Holders: Clic Here

      Block Explorer: Clic Here

      Frequently Asked Question

      E-leven Token (ELV) Official contract address:

      E-leven Token (ELV) is a decentralised virtual token based on the BEP20 in the BSC- token; one of the Binance developed Technological Trends. The goal of this blockchain asset is to supplement the development of E-LEVEN Ecosystem. In this virtual revolution, coin holders will have the benefit of instantly and effortlessly cash out their coins.

      E-leven ecosystem is combined by "ELVMARKETS (BROKER)" + "ELVX exchange and E-leven wallet" + "E-leven Ecommerce" + "E-leven NFT" + "E-leven Gaming" and "Grambling" . This is all-in-one solution that helps cryptocurrency holders with just only single account still directly connects with the shopping world around the ecosytem.

      You can use ELV to access a best conditions and rates in the financial markets around the E-leven Ecosystem, also you can use ELV as a method of depositing and withdrawing your trading profits at elvmarkets and elvx exchange.

      By holding ELV you can benefit from any potential increase in the value of the E-leven network and its related services. Likewise, if you do staking with your ELVs, you can access a monthly benefit of up to 11% return on your tokens..

      You can see a list of the top ELV holders on Bscsan.

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