The first coin

crypto-stock market

of the market

E-leven (ELV) is a cryptocurrency that is connected to the stock market and is associated with various dynamic ecosystems of usability.




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E-leven Token

E-leven (ELV) is the first cryptocurrency that brings together an ecosystem covering all major market and user needs, promoting the first crypto-exchange cryptocurrency that connects and partners with 11 lines of business.




for users, businesses and developers

E-leven (ELV) connects and partners with all solutions developed within the ecosystem to allow users to quickly access markets spanning a wide range of financial and trading markets online, under parameters of security, transparency and better conditions for traders and investors. better conditions for traders and investors.

Ecosistema ELV

Where you can exchange ELV

The crypto-market token

ELV in the markets

Platforms where you can track the token in the market.

Where you can store ELV


E-leven Wallet

• Securely store and manage your cryptocurrencies.

• Buy and sell cryptocurrencies instantly with E-leven integration.

• Move funds to and from your E-holder account.

• Move funds to and from your ELV Markets trading account and trade on the financial markets.